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Archery Sights: What You Need to Know

Shooting targets just won’t be that easy without archery sights. Just like gun sights, there are archery sights that would definitely enhance your shooting performance. Accuracy and precision are easier to achieve with these archery sights. Now, there are actually different types of archery sights that you can use in improving your performance at the sport or hobby. Your choice for these different sights would depend on the... [Continue Reading]

Kyudo: The Art of Japanese Archery

The Japanese are quite well known for doing more than what is required, not just in their work, but in practically all walks of life. This “more” doesn’t necessarily mean more work, but could also mean more meaning, giving that distinct Japanese outlook, which the world has come to known. In the realm of archery, Kyudo, Japanese Archery taken into an art form, is one solid example of just how far that distinct... [Continue Reading]

What You Need to Know About Archery Bows

Archery is a type of practice that consists of a bow and arrow. Archery has lots of forms. It can be considered as an art, a type of sport or even a type of skill. Some describe archery as a type of shooting sport that uses bow and arrow. Some describe it a type of hunting skill that uses the same equipment to hunt animals. Whatever form it may take, the bow and arrow is what makes up archery. Ever since the early times of Man, the... [Continue Reading]

A Brief History of Crossbow Archery

A lot of evidence suggests that crossbow archery was actually founded in China. This was during the 4th century BC, so you can definitely say that crossbow archery has been in the circuit for quite some time now. At the time, another type of crossbow was also invented in Greece. However, this was an independent invention called the gastraphets. The crossbow was more prominent in China than in Greece during this time. In fact, it was not... [Continue Reading]

The History of Archery

Archery has indeed built a name of its own in the arena of sports. But this sport has been in the arena for quite a long time now. In fact, the history of archery is very rich all on its own! Let us take this time to look into this rich history of archery. First and foremost, if you think the history of archery dates to the time when people relied on this activity for survival, then you are quite right. Archery enthusiasts... [Continue Reading]

Why People Love Archery

Among the top reason for archery being a remarkable sport is the fact that almost everybody can take part in it. The young, handicapped, old, and even blind can give a shot with this medieval sport that has become renowned in this contemporary era. Archery is a physical and mental sport. It requires the archer to be in shaped. For anyone wishing to become a professional archer, upper physical body strength is a must and it can be... [Continue Reading]